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110cc Midsize Utility with/ 16" wheels
110cc Midsize Utility with/ 16" wheels

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This 110cc Utility "Pussy Cat " 4 Wheeler Takes the Youth ATV Market!

 We have been selling these Scooters and Atv's for the past 5 years!

We have done more business than any retail ATV business ONLINE!

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You will be extremely excited once you receive the 110cc Pussy Cat Quad ATV because it has what other 110cc Pussy Cat Quad ATV sellers on EBAY does NOT! Sure there are others out there claiming or selling models that look the same, however the quality is just not there! Every single bike comes with a warranty that is fully backed leaving you with NO RISK involved!

Call us for sources, we have sales receipts, and have done over $130,000 in business in just one month. Now ask others sellers if they have done that and can prove it!
Check out other competition and the give us a call once you have made your decision.

Check Out Some Of The Features The
110cc Quad ATV Comes With

110cc 4-Stroke Engine - (High Performance Engine)
110cc Automatic ATV Transmission with Parking Brake Feature
110cc ATV Full Dual Independent  Front Suspension
110cc ATV Hydraulic Rear Disc Brake 
Throttle Limiter Included! This transmission is great and you really can beat the hell out of it!
UV Resistant Injection Molded Plastic Body and NOT Fiberglass, IT CRACKS!

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As stated from other sellers, here are some questions that
other Sellers want answers to, well here they are!

Question: What is the difference between 2 stroke and 4 stroke performance?
Answer: 2 stroke performance engines have more lower end torque and require more maintenance, where as 4 stroke can last much longer, and can be ridden for longer periods of time and have higher end torque.
Question: What's a progressive Dual A-Arm Suspension? What do you call a solid bar across the front?
Answer: The progressive dual arm shock is simply 2 separate shocks that will fluctuate themselves if one tire ends up in a deeper hole than the other.
Question: Do you have shocks?
Answer: Yes, all the atv's that I sell have shocks! There are pictures to prove it!
Question: Do you have independent suspension?
Answer: Absolutely! If I didn't sell them with independent shocks, you would have the most UNCOMFORTABLE RIDE!
Question: what happens when you start a fully automatic while depressing the throttle...
Answer: The bike will just take off, however you can just simply give the engine less gas and it will not jump so much!
Question: Wouldn't it be safer if you could add a neutral gear without having 4 gears to confuse young riders?
Answer: NO! Children need toys to be simple and safe! If you added a neutral they could accidentally pop the clutch and fall off the back!
Question: How many gears does your unit have?
Answer: Single cylinder 1 Speed - automatic transmission
Question: Whats more effective, easier to replace, cleaner, more durable... a Hydraulic Disk or a manual drum?
Answer: Hydraulic Disc is the best for stopping, cleaning and is much more durable! Easy to replace!
Question: How big is your ATV?
Answer: Please look at the pictures below.

We understand that there is much competition out there, however there is not the comparison and quality out there like the ATV's that SaferWholeSale sells! Again, We have been selling ATV's for the past 5 years. Check out our Performance and you will be Amazed Guaranteed! We sell the best safety, performance and durability for the MONEY! Please do not compare this model to the cheaper ATV'S

Call us for sources, we sell many dirt bikes, 110cc four wheelers, 110cc atvs, 110cc quads, 110cc go carts, and much more!


Engine:  110cc Air Cooled 4 stroke-(Regular Octane Gasoline Only)
Max Power:  5.5 HP
Max Torque:  20 FT LBS.
Ignition:  12v CDI
Starter:  Electric
Transmission:  Fully-automatic / No Hand Clutch
Dimensions LxWxH:  44.09" x 24.1" x 28.75
Seat Height:  24"
Weight Capacity:  235 lbs.
Tires:  16 x 7-8
Brakes:  Hydraulic Rear Disc
Top Speed:  45 MPH
Suspension:  Dual Independent Front Coil Over/  Rear Mono Shock
Fuel Capacity:  4.5 L
Noise:  Very Quiet 35db
Warranty Info:  Call 866-606-3991
Colors:  Red, Lime green, Blue, Black, Pink,Yellow Camo, Blue Camo, and Green Camo
Safety Features:  Kill switch, Headlight, Speed Restrictor (Governor)
You can adjust this down to 5 MPH while your child is learning to ride the ATV
Extra large brake for fast stopping

CALL NOW 866-606-3991

Retail Price: $1,499.95

Our Price: $939.95

Styles are subject to change with change in year, model! Square headlights may be the upgrade depending on color choice that was made at time of purchase. Check out the Utility Models we carry, and always call for options and colors available.

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