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Check out these testimonials to see what some of our happy customers are saying about the products and customer service they received from Safer Wholesale.

Hi Jake,
     Thank you, I received your email.  I want to thank you and "Meyer" again for your assistance with this purchase. Its been a pleasure.

-Julie Merrill, President
 Just Fun, Inc.

Dear Saferwholesale,

I wanted to thank you for the outstanding customer service provided by Veronica, your title processing clerk. She was able to quickly obtain the title from the manufacturer after she was alerted about the delay, and communicated with me regularly to resolve the problem.

I am very pleased with her and with Saferwholesale, and will recommend your site to friends!

-Jim Kirchner

Hey, Linda Bleskan here, just letting you know to tell Chris, the salesman for my mini pontoon boat, that I just love my boat. I told him I would let him Know!

Great Job, on the part of Safer wholesale!  I bought a BMS Sand Sniper 150, for tooling around BLM in Arizona. This buggy came freighted up like nothing I've ever received before. The crate was reinforced with angle iron, all sides and bottom, I thought because the fork lift driver had broken the pallet it would be damaged. Because of the way it was crated up there was no damage. What a great job. 
Matt took my order, and was really great to deal with. I had called two other companies before calling safe,  the other two companies were rude and uninformative. I was going to just give up and build my own. My wife suggested I call Safer Wholesale, who were the last on my list of three. I wish I had called them first. Very nice people! I've dealt with, Matt, Patrick, Veronica, Artie. Very nice to deal with, very polite. 

The buggy is a blast, I would recomend these people to anyone. I can't say enough! So if you read some of the stuff out there online, (like I did), don't believe it, they have treaded us first rate. The shipping was fast, it arrived before we expecteded, and as I said in good shape. The assembly time was short and minimal, if you can change oil or tires you can do this. All said and done. If you are thinking about a motorsport product, you will like doing buisness here. Let them handle their job and they will take care of you! The buggy is of very good quality and is a bargain!    

 - Dave Morin

I am ABSOLUTELY THRILLED with my purchase from you!  I could NOT BE happier! We purchased the kids atv with 16" tires, 110cc for our son, age nine, who is an experienced rider. It came to us within a week of ordering it! I was surprised how incredibly fast we received it, AMAZING!! This ATV was so cool, it arrived in PERFECT condition and was so easy to assemble.  After charging the battery and a full tank of gas, our son was off and ready to go!! My husband and I rode it too, separately, of course, it was smooth, surprisingly quiet at idle, no trouble at all with adult weight at 125 lbs, AND my husband at 165lbs, impressive!! . MAN!! faster than lightning!  I am very glad to be able to adjust the speed, our son takes after his parents and WILL go "*****to the walls. "  In addition, I would like to praise Dan in the sale dept. for his professionalism and good-nature.  Dan was extremely helpful, and I KNOW we will be doing business with this company in the very near future and beyond...Thank you so much!!  Saferwholesale has made a HERO out of these two parents, as well as, long-life customers!! I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH!!

- The Wilson-Beach Family

I am commenting today as a very satisfied customer of Safer Wholesale. I recently purchased a motor scooter from them and am thoroughly impressed with both the quality and professionalism of this company. I must admit that I was very skeptical of this companies reputation at first, due to the volume of negative feedback about Safer Wholesale that was left on various different feedback sites. Do not, and I repeat, do not be swayed by this feedback! A lot of the reviews were left by individuals who do not appreciate the nature of “Wholesale” entities. They sometimes act as middlemen who make arrangements with various other retailers to provide you with a deeply discounted price on items that could cost you almost double elsewhere. I will qualify my opinion by relating my own experience with this company. When I ordered my scooter, I was informed that I would receive it within 10 - 15 business days. I received it on 7/19/2012, which is Nine business days after placing the order! I emailed my request for the Certificate of Origin/Title on 7/20/2012 and received it today, 07/23/2012. My sincerest thanks to Veronica for her speedy response. The delivery company that they used (R&L Carriers) delivered it undamaged, except for a small dent on the chrome accent located on the muffler, and were very professional in arranging a convenient time for delivery. Kudos to you guys. You did great! I will be sure to recommend Safer Wholesale to all my friends and associates who might be in the market for a great deal on a name brand scooter. So, to anyone taking the time to read this review, do yourself a favor, when shopping for a moped/scooter, give these guys a ring! Believe me, you won’t be sorry. P>S. I wish more satisfied customers would leave feedback. This helps a prospective customer, like I was, weed through all the negative comments out there with better peace of mind! Keep up the good work Safer Wholesale. I’ll be back!

- Clarence S.

Wow, I'm impressed!! I ordered the unit on Sunday and it arrived on Wednesday. That's fast including going thru customs. I did have a problem with noise but I called the manufacturer and they told me to tighten the screws on the inside. I did that and everything is quiet now. Thanks again for the prompt service.

- Gerald

I work for the Vespa service department and I would process the bikes coming in crates taking them out and assembling them on prep and delivered Vespa scooters. I was amazed at the shipping crate my scooter came in and also when it started the first time! Your company has been short of miraculous. I hope everybody has a great weekend and I want to say thank you for all your help and caring bless you.

- Moe

I just want to send a quick note to let you know how great "Jake" was in providing us with information concerning our first purchase of an infrared sauna. He also has a great sense of humor and I always enjoy that. Let him know that I appreciated all that he did in making this sale happen quickly and professionally.

- Donna B.

I would like to formally thank you for your time and excellence in assisting me during the purchase of my Tornado Trike.

- AJ D.

I really love this scooter! It runs great. Thank you for making this purchase a pleasant experience. I will be buying again from you.

- Jose O.

I received my Sauna today! The quality is much better than I expected.  It's a very good sauna. I am pleased. Thank you!

- Andrew

Thank you so much!  I really enjoy the Electric Conversion Kit on my Bike.  I also really enjoy doing business with an organization like yours. I appreciate what you did for me in getting the replacement controller under warranty. I'm a very satisfied customer.

- Jerry

Good Evening!  I wanted to ensure the owners of the company know how hard Artie has been working to resolve my issues with 2 ottomans I purchased.  I am hopeful that the issues are just about resolved but wanted to make sure that the owners of the company know that he has done everything he can to make sure that our experience with your company has been the best! Thank you!

- Elaine

I just wanted to say how happy I am with the sauna I received on Monday.  I was surprised at how quickly it arrived & I was able to put it together & use it that same night.  I will definitely recommend to anyone looking for a sauna.  I received exactly what was described & I’m loving it!  Thank you! From a Happy Customer from North Dakota!!

- Bobbi

I just purchased an item from your store.  I was helped by your sales person
named Dan. He was very professional, polite, and friendly throughout the call. Dan made
the transaction a pleasant experience. Thank you for your services.

- Otto K.

Hello! Just wanted to let you know that I received my vehicle on Friday, 1/11/13 at 12pm. the package was not damaged and the scooter is just wonderful. I want to add that I am very happy and pleased with the scooter and want to thank all involved in sending and following up on my order. I am also impressed with the operation and handling of the scooter itself. I am sure I will get years of great satisfaction riding it in my community. Again kudos to all.

- Kenneth

Just over one year ago I purchased a 50cc Maui Dreamer from Safer Wholesale.  I am pleased to perfection with the purchase.  It proves dependable, affordable, reliable, and fun. It gets a thumbs up wherever it goes. I have not forgotten how nice you people are to deal with, both sales and customer service.  Thank you sincerely.

- Arthur K.

I got my scooter and it is great. My dog and I took it for a spin this afternoon. He loves it and I love it too. Thank you.

- Jane P.

Thank you very much. I just ordered my heater on Tuesday and received it today (Thursday) Wow!!!

- Rick

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to Veronica for all your help through this process, especially with making sure everything got to me on time! I was a little nervous about purchasing a scooter online but once I received it and had your help with the paperwork everything was set at ease. This whole time, the customer service staff at and Great Sports have been nothing less than exemplarily polite and helpful. Thanks for making me happy to have done business through your company and more than willing to do it again.

- Laura R.

Just wanted to let someone know how nice it was to deal with Artie in parts. He was helpful, cheerful and all around nice to deal with. Good Job Artie! Good service is hard to come by nowadays, you are the exception.
- Tim T.

Thank you so much for the fast and efficient service. 

- Colleen F.

I love my new ATV. It works great and had a great price to go with it. 

- Samantha D.

Fast! Thank you for your great follow up customer service, it is dearly appreciated up here in Alaska when, many companies just blow us off as unimportant to deal with.  Once the confusion was ironed out, you folks were all over this, making it right. Thank you. 

- Moe M.

Hey, just got my order and I am very pleased, thank you! 

- Shirley K.

I  am a small business owner myself, and there isn't enough stand up respectable people in this world any more, so I understand what you did, and did everything in your power to make it right, instead of just ignoring the problem. Thank you very much, and I will surely be recommending your company to any one I can. Thank you for your personal attention and remedy.

- Wade R.

Just a note, I purchased an 80 cc motor kit from your web site, and it has worked out great! Took a little bit of time to make it fit on my 29 inch Genesis. But it has turned out pretty good and now working on the break-in period. Can't wait to see my fuel mileage numbers. Thanks!
- Paul B.

Love it! Awesome deals and you get exactly what you pay for.

- Derek M.

Got the 4 wheeler I ordered. Nice bike. Had a part missing but Joe in Warranty fixed me right up. Great place to work with!

- Sam V.

Thanks. Because of your great customer service, I will purchase from your site again.

- Joseph K.

Wow, you guys are really on top of things! If there is a place where I can give a great review on my service from you, let me know! I'm extremely satisfied on my service from your company!!! Extremely satisfied!!! And all my purchases in the future will be from your company.

- Christopher J.

I purchased a tanning bed from your company , I would like to say the person that sold me the bed was so knowledgeable and friendly and polite ... his name was Dan. I cant express how wonderful he was.

- Sharon S.

Thank you Alex for your fine service.

- Eric P.

I received my motor for my scooter and I put it in and it fired right up. You guys never do me any wrong. I like that. Thank you, and I might be getting another scooter next year for my soon to be bride.

- Curtis P.

I just wanted to let you know that I received the larger floor mat. Thank you for being diligent and remembering my request. I will buy from Saferwholesale again.

- Shondrea D.

Thank you so much I saved 3,000 this year alone in gas riding your scooter instead of my gas guzzler.

- Jacob D.

We received our go cart and we love it. THANKS!

- Gary M.

Give these guys a chance, they are great, super bikes at great savings.

- Linda S.

This site is the best , really buy from here . great shipping and looooooow prices! I will soon be buying from there again. i got a 2.2 android tablet for under 100 us dollars. it was quick and easy and i loved it. this is a great store ;)

- Chris W.

I've Received my New motorcycle and ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! Thank you, sincerely an Extremely PLEASED CUSTOMER! I will tell everybody I know about your fast, efficient, and not to mention "Top Quality Friendly Service and Great merchandise(Super Price)"! I'm absolutely amazed the Bike looks EXACTLY like the picture on web site.

- Crystal J.

Tim, Thanks for all great support and trusting in a customer! Please tell your boss I said he should give you a raise!:)

- Keith M.

Tim, thank you very much for the great service, I really appreciate your promptness.  Because of the great service, I will definitely be shopping at Saferwholesale again and I will be telling my friends.  Thanks again and keep up the good work!

- Harold B.

To Tim & Kyle, Thank you for your help. I now am in good shape. The bike is cruising now and doing a good job at that. I am glad that I made the decision to purchase your product. & to Kyle, it all worked out bro. 

- John L.

This is where we ordered my daughter's four wheeler from and couldn't be more pleased with the product and service we received...highly recommend this company. Prices are very reasonable too!!!

- Pam B.

I can't thank you enough!!  If I were there I would kiss you!!  If you need any letters from me for a reference or my experience I will be more then happy to explain my experience wtih you from the day I first spoke to Charles until now.  It has been so awesome to have the customer service be so on top of things the way you guys have been.  I can't wait to get back on my scooter :)

- Susan S.

Your Parts department Kyle and Tim are exceptionally helpful. I was concerned about buying these (dirt bikes) due to parts availability. My concerns have been eliminated by these gentlemen. I have a business and do my best to provide great service. These guys are great. I have nothing but praise about your parts and service department. Thank you.

- David L.

Thank you for your GREAT service and I understand NOW how to install windshield. HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR - I WILL BECAUSE OF YOU!

- Jerry O.

Thank you so much Matt for all your help.  Has been a wonderful experience!!

 - Susan S.

Kyle,  Thank you for all the great support. Everything is fixed and my kids loves the ATVs. Awesome Christmas! Looking forward to buying more Toys down the road from your web site.
- Marvin C.

Thank you so very much for getting this to me before Christmas. I totally appreciate all of your help. Happy holidays!

- Crystal L.

Matt, You have just helped to make some kids VERY happy this Christmas. Blessings to you and yours.
- Kathy S.

Product arrived and assembled quickly, works great. I think you have a great business and other people who access these sites, like I did, need to see both sides. Thank you again.

- Paul W.

Thank you we have received our 4 wheelers and are so happy with them.

- Helen B.

We searched and searched for a reasonably priced mini bike or ATV for my son. This place is VERY reasonable, fast and efficient!

- Johnny F.

Excellent customer-service. Thank you!

- Judie H.

I bought one (sauna) and I love love love it!!!

- Linda S.

Just wanted to say THANK YOU for the quick delivery on the 4 wheeler we ordered. It is amazing - can't wait for the little guy to get on it Christmas Day!! Thank you.

- Julie K.

I really appreciate your quality of service.

- Raymond C.

I do a lot of on-line transactions, some certainly don't turn out how you expect them to.  I recently completed multiple transactions with Saferwholesale.  These folks are so responsive and even proactive.  Saferwholesale is the first place I will go from now on.

- Ron Thornton
 Fairfax, VA

Just have to say that I purchased an Infrared heater from SaferWholesale and I was a bit wary at first, but I must tell you that is was the fastest product I ever received. It was purchased Nov 17 and arrived on Nov 30/11. Beautiful product. Thanks again to Rose who was so helpful to me. Will purchase from this company again.

- Linda L.

Ivan: Thank so much!!   Just want to tell you it was a pleasure speaking with you today!  You were professional, knowledgeable and FUN!   Can't believe how much we have in common!   See you in Italy!

- Karen K.

Just wanted to say THANK YOU, to Jim and Chris for the hook up on the 125cc Midsize Intruder ATV !!! Second time doing business with you guys and we will be back again.


- Mark W.

Forget this email that was sent earlier today.  You are fantastic, FED-EX just delivered the 10X30 tent that we ordered last Thursday.  Don't bother with the shipping info - it is irrelevant now.  Thank you so much for the prompt service and thanks also to Alex who promised we would have this in time. A Happy customer!!

- Carole K.

First of all I tried dealing with (competitor) and called them several times and could not get through to a live person until about the tenth time of calling. Then when I finally did they somehow disconnected me on the line. I was very disappointed that I could not get a real person to help with my order.

I purchased a super esquire go kart from your company yesterday. I called in and instantly got a live person on the phone, which was already impressive. Patrick was my salesperson at saferwholesale and I want you to know how courteous and helpful he was. After I made the purchase, I had a couple more questions and when I called back Patrick was very helpful even after he already had the sale, this is a great example of how customers want to be treated. All in all I am very happy with my purchase from you all and I definitely will be back. Thank you!

- Tim H.

We received our tent (heavy duty White 16.4' X 32.8') on Wednesday, October 19, 2011.  I want to thank you so much for the great way you handled our order and the FAST delivery.  I was told it would arrive on Thursday or Friday of that week and it came on Wednesday. AWESOME!!

- Phyllis G.

I had a very pleasant experience on the phone with your sales rep, Nick.  I will definitely keep you in mind for any future purchases.

- Billy A.

Good afternoon! Please give Jeremy a "hats off". His knowledge and service was impecable. I look forward to doing more business in the future. Thank you again.

- Gary J.

Thank you very much! That was an excellent customer service phone call and a complete order that we got in less than 5 minutes from whoever that was that my husband and I got to work with. Thank you very much for proving that Great Customer Service has not died in this society.

- Vi N.

Love my Slingshot scooter, have almost 500 miles on it already, a lot of interest in it with Vermont people, if you have brochures, I would be happy to pass them out at no charge.
Every time I stop, I am surrounded by curious people asking about it and where I got it, with gas prices pushing $4.00, you can't go wrong.

- Roy F.

As a recent Customer, I would like to express my great satisfaction during the purchase of a new scooter, replacement of deficient parts as received (seat & heat shield) and ordering new parts as a result of damage by a new young driver. During this exchange I was provided with excellent Customer service by Pat and Matt. I feel their support should not go overlooked and just want to Thank You again for the good Service.

- Steve K.

I cannot tell you how much I love my new scooter. I had a 50cc before, which I gave to my grandson who is 15, the 150cc Horizon is so much more powerful. I have not checked the MPG yet, but I am sure its over 90 MPG.

- Bill H.

Thank you for your very prompt response!  I really appreciate it. I understand your order process more clearly. Thanks for explaining it in detail to me. I am sure I am not the first customer to feel confused and eager to receive their purchase.

I have to admit, while looking for the contact number to reach your company, I came across a lot of negative comments about your company, including the BBB rating.  I have to take those responses with a grain of salt and understand the due to the sheer volume of business you do, you are bound to have a very small percentage of unforeseen problems, no matter how thorough and complete your process may be.

So far, especially with your welcome response, I feel very pleased and satisfied with the business I have done with Great Sports, Inc.  I look forward to continued success and can breathe easier!
Thank you, once again, for spelling it all out for me.  Keep up the excellent work!

- Tony B.

Received the scooter yesterday.  We didn't get to ride it yet but it looks

- Denise M.

I have received the sauna.  I love it.  I have it in my garage near the kitchen door.  This is the best purchase I’ve made.   I would recommend this product to others.

- Glenn Y.

Thanks for the great service!

- Leslie W.

I'm satisfied with the product and will probably purchase another one or a 3 wheeled scooter for my daughter in Key West.
- Mike C.

I'm so excited about receiving the steam shower. Thanks again for helping this little grandma - buy herself something special for her birthday. I did go on to your site and gave your company a thumbs up and am letting everyone at work know what an upstanding job you and your company do.

- Linda E.

Thank very much for your excellent service. We received our hot tub in just 4 days! We will pass on your name to anyone interested in getting a hot tub. Thanks again.

- Cindy W.

I just wanted to drop you a line about the sauna I ordered from you, Jan. 14, 2011.  It arrived today just as your e-mail indicated, it was as you said “easy to put together... about an hour," it was easy and every piece came together including the stereo. I am sitting with a cup of coffee and admiring it! I do not regret any dealing with your company, not at all! The sauna will be put to use this afternoon. I am at this point very very happy.
PS:  I will let all my friends know how correct you and your company was and recommend you to all!
- William A.

Thank you. I really appreciate all your help and am very impressed with the customer service. I run my own business and to see such good customer service - I would return and purchase from your company again!

- Eleanor M.

I just wanted to take a minute and thank ya'll for the excellent service and way speedy delivery of the 5 cat towers. It's great to get such awesome service from an online site. I will send ya'll some pics when I get my new baby cat. Said cat will be a flawless Bengal Kitten. He will, I know have the best life in the sea of towers.

- Curtis W.

I received our 2 Electric bikes Yesterday   and they are Very Nice.  Thank You very much.

- Sharon Biddle

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