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High Performance Alfa Romeo Racing Voltage Engine Power Chip - Increase Power, Save Gas
High Performance Alfa Romeo Racing Voltage Engine Power Chip - Increase Power, Save Gas

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High Performance Alfa Romeo Racing
Voltage Engine
Power Chip
- Increase Power, Save Gas


This is our highest performing chip. If you are looking for maximum performance, this is it. Used mostly in the Japanese Drifting and Street Race scene, this product is now available exclusively through select auto parts dealers in the United States.  Only an authorized dealer can guarantee the performance.

When a drag racer or street racer wants maximum performance, they shut off all electronic parts, including even the lights in a pure drag race. This is done to maximize all available voltage and make sure that the most important parts, the engine and drivetrain have as much available power as possible to generate ignition spark and engine timing. D1 Spec is the highest performing unit of voltage units possible. Beating out even the Bellon line by over 30% in capacity.

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The D1 is designed to further improve both your electrical system and engine load due to the alternator running.  Once installed on your vehicles battery and grounded into your chassis, the D1 will store all idle electrical energy and release it based on engine load as necessary.  When your vehicle has multiple components like the headlights, radio, navigation, climate control or other functions turned on, your vehicle is under a much higher electrical stress load than when they are all off.  This chip will now allow zero lag or bog occuring from loss or low voltage levels and will make sure your alternator will be operational at much lower levels enabling for more engine power to be used for actual driving and not electricity.

You will notice an immediate improvement in idling, start-up, throttle response under load, brighter headlights, better sound response in a much more efficient and powerful vehicle able to start with NO problems on the Coldest or Hottest days nature can throw at us.  Also if you have ANY static electricty interference in your vehicle producing "electric noise" during acceleration in your vehicle, the D1 racing unit has enough capacity to get your cabin down to competition level sound quietness.

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We encourage you to drive with the D1 installed and then without and see how subtle but powerful the addition of a high capacity racing capacitor can bring to the family van all the way up to a full racing machine.  We utilize the most cutting edge of proven advanced racing techniques which enable the savvy driver to fully optimize their vehicle - no matter if it is brand new or 30 years old.

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1.  Disconnect your negative battery terminal from your vehicle.  

2.  Connect the D1 to the Red and Black terminals of your battery.
3.  Connect the black plug-in into the D1 and GROUND (connect to metal section of frame) the metal tip into the frame.
4. Connect the 3 gray grounding cables into a GROUND into the chassis ensuring that it's screwed in tightly with the opposite ends attaching to the 3 gold tabs of the D1.
5.  Finally use the tie clips and/or the double sided tape to place the D1 box onto an open section of the vehicle under the hood or in the trunk.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  What is the D1 Racing Engine Power Volt Chip and what is it designed to do? 
A:  The D1 Racing Engine Power Volt Chip is designed to improve all electric, performance and efficiency components in your vehicle, with the largest sized storage capacitors that D1 Spec currently has to offer.  The D1 stores all idle and wasted electrical activity in your vehicle and releases this stored energy when the vehicle's electrical system is under stress.  Such as situations when the A/C, Nav, Radio, Cooled/Heated Seats, Lights, etc are on, the D1 will step in at these points and administer a supercharged burst of electrical energy to alleviate any lagging or bogging issues associated with low power draw under vehicle stress.   

Q:  Will this fit on my vehicle or engine? 
A:  The D1 Racing Engine Chip will fit on any vehicle listed under the compatibilities.  If you don't see your vehicle listed, please e-mail.

Q:  What if my battery is not located under my hood?
A:  Your battery can be located under the hood, in the trunk or even under a seat.  No matter where it is located the D1 is designed to have a seamless installation.

Q:  What kind of performance and efficiency gains can I expect? 
A:  The D1 Racing Volt Chip will add upwards of 20 horsepower and torque, improve fuel economy by 2-4 mpg and also improve your light output, your electrical throttle response, improve vehicle idle, start-up and allow for the alternator to be run much less often due to the lowered electric burden on the vehicle.  This makes our chip ideal for both the economy vehicle and full sports car alike. 

Q:  If your claims are right, why don't all manufacturers install these on a stock vehicle?
A:  This is the most asked question we receive.  Simply put, auto manufacturers have to meet certain budget and part goals for each segment of vehicles they sell.  When a part is factored into adding into a vehicle, the part has to be multiplied millions of times over for each vehicle and have with it a multi-million dollar price tag, which they would simply pass on to you with a surcharge.  Auto manufacturers have direct access to horsepower and torque conversions simply with a software change within their ECU or engine chip, the amount of breathability of the vehicle and engine CC size.  Due to all these factors, many add-on parts such as cold air intakes, engine chips or high power exhausts are left out of stock vehicle to curb costs.

Q:  How hard is the D1 Racing Volt Chip to install?  Can an amateur do it? 
A:  The D1 comes with a full set of instructions and requires just basic garage tools and no knowledge of how your vehicle operates mechanically to install.  All that is required is to connect the chip to your battery, ground it and then mount it securely.  The D1 will handle the rest!

Q:  The red LED light is staying on even after I turn off my engine?  Will this drain my battery? 
A:  The D1 will only leave a .001 ohm LED light on much akin to ANY security system or factory alarm.  This draw is not being drawn from the vehicle but rather the stored energy of the D1 is totally safe and normal.

Q:  Will I need to reset my ECU when I connect the D1 Racing Chip to my vehicle? 
A:  Most vehicles do not require this step, however if you are already having to disconnect the negative terminal prior to installing, we recommend that you power the chip and the vehicle back on at the same time for the most performance and efficieny gains.  The ECU once reset, will notice a different voltage especially when it usually would have very low power reserves and would otherwise turn on the alternator faster.  This step is recommended but not required.

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